General Sandblasting and Dustless Blasting

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a widely used method in industrial applications to remove surface coatings, such as paint, rust, scale, powder coating, etc. It is an efficient and economical approach versus traditional hand sanding or grinding.

Sandblasting has been around since 1870 when the first abrasive blasting process patent was issued to Benjamin Chew Tilghman. Thomas Wesley Pangborn perfected the idea and added compressed air in 1904.

Sandblasting can be found in auto restoration, paint removal, parking lot strip removal, marine, and even residential applications like surface removal on pools and retaining walls.

The theory behind sandblasting is to use compressed air to force media particles through a small outlet, causing pressure to smooth rough surfaces. Over time the industry developed by introducing soda, walnut shell, garnet, and coal slag. Today the most economical and widely used media for sandblasting services in Allen and McKinney, TX, is crushed recycled glass.

Recycled glass is inexpensive vs. other media types and is preferred by industry professionals as it is eco-friendly and leaves a smooth surface profile. Another advantage of recycled glass is that it can be used wet or dry depending on the application and clients' needs. In the case of crowded urban spaces or places where dust can be an issue, high-pressure water is introduced to suppress much of the dust versus the dry method. Approximately 85% of the projects that JAC Mobile Blasting performs are dry. The remaining 15% use the wet process or other media types.

Having the right equipment to sand blast rust and other materials makes the system mobile. Many clients prefer onsite sandblasting service in Allen and McKinney, TX, to cut costs and work on buildings or pipes that can’t move.

The industry has been advancing with technology. As with any innovative technology, most are not cost-effective until the manufacturer can deliver a product to the mass community. Laser, dry ice, and vapor technology are on the way! These methods are already used for fire damage, historical restoration, and other high-end projects. As they become more mainstream, the cost will reduce and may eventually take over for recycled glass. Only time will tell.

If you’re looking for sandblasting near me, contact us to learn how you can sand blast rust, old paint, powder coating, and other materials.

General Sandblasting Gallery

Sandblasting Before Sandblasting After
Wind Chimes Before Wind Chimes
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Sandblasting Before Sandblasting After
Sandblasting Before Sandblasting After
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Brass Hardware Before Brass Hardware After
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